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Okay guys a couple of months ago i explained here that i had somehow managed to get the box up and running with all the programmers etc but had only managed to load camd3 by accident unsure what i had done a press here a push there and it all came together. Anyway as i said at the time I would struggle to replicate that. Since i have a dragon cam after a while of trying to reload the a camd as they bcome available and failing i go back to the dragon.
But I really have to crack this box
I have the latestest gemini image on iam on a single lnb pointing at hispasat i get all the fta chns no bother good signal no problems there.
I have dwnloaded the latest keys puthem into the camd3 folder on my desktopie replaced the 1kb file
I have now got three folders infront of me under \desktop\camd\var
a bin folder
an etc folder
ans a keys folder
I haveflash xp ready to go
Now i have transfered the contents of these folders into there var files so many times my head is spinning and still nothing changes for me

so now im ready for some input please to sort this out once and for all
Talk me through it someone please


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No man If i was you i would start again with a reflash.
to get your camd or dragon going press blue button. then in the current cam menu press ok. then down to camd or dragon. highlight one of them and press ok.
PM me if your stuck.