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I have a Digital FTA system and dish pointing to Astra and Hotbird. On this system I can autotune about 16 foreign channels between the two satellites. These include CNN, TV5, ARD and TVCi. Despite many attempts at manual tuning, I cannot receive the FTA channels I am looking for. I have trawled through the listings on Lyngsat, selected the right frequency, polrisation, etc. and nothing allows me to get TVEi, ZDF, Pro7 or any other DVB channel.
I then bought a new FTA system and amazingly have exactly the same results. Easy autotune and perfect reception for the original and identical 16 channels and no chance of the others even though they are definately and unscrambled FTA, on the same satellite (Astra 1H or 1E or Hotbird 6), often no more tha 1 tp or a couple of frequencies away from the ones I get. Am I missing something?

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There may be a notch in the downcoming signal , either as a result of a faulty LNB, or more often a bad cable or F -plug connection to the LNB

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Hello MC

Have you checked the polarity of the signals.

If the polarity of the ones you can't get is not the same as the ones you can get, it could be that your Lnb is faulty, or you may have an alignment problem.

If they are all the same polarity, do you know if both sets are in high/low band, if they are not in same group then you might have a voltage problem.


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