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card does not contain a valid image

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:-bash can any one explain to me, when i put my loader card in my t rex cam in my technomate 5500 the silly says all the time (card does not contain a valid image) and will not upgrade. im using a cas 3 inerface and loading the dra file everything works ok until i put it in the cam...... yes i know i can programme the cam with a dummy card but i would rather do it in my reciever please some one must have come across this problem. test your skills. its not a fun 7 just says t rex loader card with aoi inked on card.. then why does the cas 3 load a card normally says all is well and it isnt. i think ill ask them that question could do with an update in software cas 3.

cheers bazzar


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two sky+amstrad boxes
technomate5500ci+ with 80cm motarised dish irderto cam mr mrev +dragoncam blue tit numerous fun cards infinity pheonix compaq and dell on wirelessrouter
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no mans land
might be a stupid thought but is your receiver switched off when you enter the card
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I had this problem. I am using the Infinity USB Unlimited. It has the ability to split the Predator file between the two Eproms automatically, but you need to program the second half of the file to Eprom 1 and the first part to Eprom 2. Their software offers that option but I'm not sure about other programmers.


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Hi bazzar,
have you loaded your card as described below?
Information from Spider and Echelon, how to load your card using a CAS 3.
programming a Dragonloader PIC (F84A) card with the cas2 and its add-on:- or cas3
there are two type of dragonloader cards. The first one is a pic based card (PIC16F84A).
The second one, is just a Fun7 (2x24LC1024) and it is marked as Fun7.
1. start the cas2 / cas3 Soft -->
cas2 > you now you are in the main-menu.
cas3 > select Smartcard from top menu.
2. click the button "PROG"
3. put the Dragonloader PIC (F84A) into the cardreader
4. choose the type "Single PIC (16F84A) "
5. click the button erase and wait until the card is completely erased
6. click the button on the right side "Repair Dragon Card Loader"
....and wait until the loader will be written to the card
8. now you can close this window and you are back in the main-menu again
9.click the button "DRAGON" --> a new window opens and the message "Dragon Card Loader detected / recognized"
10.click the folder-icon and navigate to the required *.dra-file
11.click the button "Write to Dragon Loader Card" and wait for "Dragon Card programmed."

Congratulation your Dragonloadercard is written successfully

Now put it into your Dragon-Cam to upgrade the Predator.

Hope this helps
Best wishes