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Card-emulator system



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Could you, please, tell me what kind of software and hardware is needed for emulation of the smart card.

Besides the piece of emulator software, what do you need to bypass all those encryption systems?

Is the emulator way better, than using a wafer card?

Cheers, JBP


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typically, a so-called Season interface is required, which re-directs the traffic normally across the smartcard to a PC running emulator software (with valid keys). The season interface slides into the cad slot of the receiver, and connects via the serial port to the PC. This is the same device as used for logging.

I don't think there are any emulator packages which currently emulate the encryption systems which are the subject of this forum (Conax, Cryptoworks, Nagravision) - since there are no hacks of those systems in the public domain (yet).

The best known emulation soiftware is the Voyager package which deals with Mediaguard(Seca), Irdeto and Viacess.