Card Locked

Hello. I am a beginner of sorts in all ways concerned. i have never partaken in a forum of any sorts before, so i do not really know who this works. therefore i apologize in advance if i sound like a new bee.

second. i had a dish installed. recently the card was hit like usual. however when i tried to write an image file back onto the card using nagra it said that the card was locked and it was unable to unlock it. i have tried everything but i cannot find a fix for it. therefore i would really appreciate it if any one can help me in this matter.

my dish info:

two 18" Dish networks.
ROM 10 card. the blue color card with all those channels on it.
receiver model DP301T
Hi whc534,
Dish is hitting ROM 3 and 10 cams...usually out of date tiers are the reason. Your card has updated and now you are most likely locked out of it. You can try modding an HU loader to unlock or buy pre-made units, but with the swap to N2 cards its not worth the money or time.

I use an ATMEGA or DSS REV card...working without fear of locking or marking.