Card programming - missing channels



I have just for the first time successfully programmed a Q card using my VX Multi for the seca cam but unfortunately it hasn't programmed all of the channels that i normally get when i buy a card from the shop :(

Does anyone know why the Kiosque and Cinecinima don't work on my newly programmed card?. If i put my original card from the shop back in they work.

Could it be something to do with the Seca file i downloaded from Phills site not having the Kiosque codes etc? The Palco and Tequilla channels work fine but not the others.

Hope to hear some news soon

Thanks alot

P.S. I was really chuffed to program the card at only the second attempt. My ego though was slightly knocked when i discovered some of the channels not working.


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What's a "Q card"? Is that a 16f876/62x based card? If so were you using DS9 software? Or was it a funcard/Jupieter2 with 3-in-1 software? And which CAM? Those cards in an Irdeto CAM (freeCAM) will not open up all channels. Limitation in the software (not the keys as such).