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Hi, I have recently started having problems with my Sky+ box giving an error message saying - Insert Your Viewing Card - but the card is in there and is definately not damaged. I have tried taking the card out and cleaning it then rebooting the box and it seems to work fine for a couple of hours and then starts doing it again. This only started happening last week and has never happened before but it means l now can't watch anything l've recorded. Has anyone seen this problem before? If so, what can l do about it? The box is a reconditioned one purchased from SKY about 3 months ago (may still be under warranty I think need to check) but because l live in France l don't want to have to take it back to England and get an engineer out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Dan


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Sorry mate i know this is a little late.

But, have you tried updating the box??

Unpower the box by removing the power lead.. Hold the backup button and keep it held then plug the power lead back in... hold the backup button until either... all the lights on the box facia are lit up.. or until it displays "software updating" on the tv screen.

I had a Grundig box which did the same after i updated it fixed the box.. in fact i still use the same box now when im testing dishes :)