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Hi guys here is my situation.

My grandparents have a fortecstar or something receiver, with a cam and card slot. The only satellite they have is Hotbird 13.0E.

I have a smart mouse programmer, and was wondering what cams/cards i could buy to unlock which / what packages for them?

please reply, its all a bit mumbo jumbo in my braino at the momento :s


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Hi D4ftpunk,
the best Cam, for 13E, is the Diablo as that will give you the TPS package, but you will probably require a CAS programmer to get the best out of it, so it would probably be cheaper to buy a Technomate 1000 series receiver for them, try to get a Technomate with a card and CI slot, for any future developments.
This can be patched using just your computer and a null modem cable, and will give you everything currently available, on the satellite scene, and there is a lot of support and advice for these cheap receivers.
It might also be best to update their system slightly with a monobloc LNB, which is cheap, relatively easy to fit, and extremely easy to use and will add 19E to their viewing, thus currently giving them a lot more options.