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Hi All

I have been trying to have some fun over the past 5 months and all I have found is frustration. I have a Star sat box with a Magic Mod. I have a 3m C band dish with motor and a 1m Ku. I have a Mastera IV and Cardwriter 2.06 with the upgrade to 2.07. But do you thing that I can load any of the 20 gold and 10 Silver that I bought. Is there any one out there that can direct my to a Cardwriter manual. Or an idiots guide to card programming. This is a hobby that I took up a year ago and the closer I get to having some fun another problem arrises. Five months ago I thought I had all the hardware needed and all the software that I may need but there is always something new that crops up to stop me from success.

As Jeri Ryan (7-9) would say surrender is not an option. I am part of the SAT-BORG I will assimilate what I need. But I need help from the collective. HELP


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May 1, 1999
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Go to and navigate to software tutorials, there is one for Cardwriter and Pic cards.

Find yourself a DS9 file see Phill's files link in Nobbly's Big Links at the top of the forum, choose a silver card and follow the instructions, should work. :)