Careful: All MM's are Not the Same


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Oct 11, 2002
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Fellow Hobbyists,
As I understand, legal action was taken against the original German manufacturers of MM (Dream Multimedia) resulting in an injunction being served preventing them from manufacturing or selling MMs. So they transferred production to the far east instead. Also, a whole load of Dreamload compatible clones arrived on the market too.

So, what are all these MM clones and where do they come from? Also, what should someone look out for when buying an MM. When I bought my MM, I assumed (like many I suspect) that all MMs were the same and were made by a single manufacturer (i.e. Dream Media). As such, price was the only deciding factor. Now I'm a bit older (but probably none the wiser) I'd concern myself more with where the MM came from rather than saving a few pounds.