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Sep 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday to You, have a great time.

Birth Date:7th AugustColour:Sea BlueNumber:7, 43 , 25Stone:Chrysocolla – Eases stress and brings you back down to earthFlower:Blue BellPet:Adopt A PenguinCareer:Detective, Dancer , SwimmerKey Features:Dramatic , Passionate , ImaginativeNaturally good at:Spinning a great taleCharacter:Your life can often get out of control because you have a vivid and somewhat dangerous imagination. Your impulsive nature drags you off on one adventure after another. You get a sudden emotion that you feel is fate or destiny and you run wild with it. It may be better to stand still and wait 24 hours before you rush off on a madcap , rash journey.Life Path:You do not like to stand still and have a thirst for knowledge and experience. You could not stand a normal 9-5 existence and need would become lost in an inner world if you were subjected to such normality. You like to have separate friends and lovers who never meet so you can express different sides of your complex personality.Love:You find it difficult to express your vulnerability so find it hard to commit. If you do commit you always seem to have one eye out for the ultimate fantasy relationship that spoils your closeness to your current partner. Why not try a Pisces also ruled by your birth day ruler Neptune?Best Present:Surveillance Equipment , Digital Camera