Celebrity Shag Match



Sky One launch the star-studded battle of the bedroom…

Take two celebrities, compare their achievements with the opposite s_x over six rounds of all-encompassing amorous antics and see who comes out as the week’s champion, in Sky One’s brand new entertainment show, Celebrity Shag Match. Launching over the Easter Weekend, this six-part series begins by taking an in-depth look at the saucy shenanigans of two of the UK’s biggest hell-raising rock gods – seconds out, round one, it’s Liam Gallagher vs Robbie Williams.

This light-hearted series looks at the sexual antics of two celebrities every week. With more than a hint of humour, we look at what they did, how many times they did it, where and with whom. No romantic ruse or lustful liaison is left unearthed as we speak to former partners and those in the know to uncover their dubious deeds.

Celebrity Shag Match combines amusing animation with inside interviews - when it comes to boasting rights over bedroom behaviour, we discover who creates the biggest bang.

[tx: Easter Weekend, Fri 18th, Sat 19th Sun 20th April, and then every Wednesday from 23rd at 11pm ]