Change serial num of BSkyb digibox...?



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See here:
Click on the PACE BSKYB-2500S videoguard link at left.

It appears to describe a method for reading and writing firmware of a Bskyb (UK Sky) Pace digibox using a JTAG interface, and also gives the hex address of the serial number. Not only that but it is stated to be free of checksums so freely updateable.

If one had a card already paired with a box of known serial number, this could presumably be used to allow a different box to be paired to that same card. This could be really useful, for example, for someone who has two boxes and just one subscription card (eg someone who keeps a second box at a holiday location, or in the bedroom, etc.)

Anyone know anything more about this? Anyone tried it?
Is there any reason it couldn't be used for other makes than Pace too?