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Changing cam encryptions...

Donzo Bonzo

Regular Member
My Satellite Setup
Humax and Echostar receivers, Dragon, two dishes, one fixed 100cm dish pointing at Hotbird, and a 90cm motorised dish; plus a rubbish DVD recorder and cool DVD players, and lots of cables!! Oh, yeah, and a video recorder - best invention yet!!
I have two spare cams, an old Aston and an old Irdeto that was converted into a freecam 2.18, but it doesn't appear to work now, although its presence in the cam slot is still registered.

I dunno what to do with these cams. Can an old Aston still receive Seca2 with a gold card???? Or maybe a basic fun card?

I hear I can convert Aston to conax? can some send me a pm telling me who can convert cams, at a knock down price.

Also, if they're not converted what can I get with them now?

Thanks in advance for any help.:)