Channel List on Humax F1-VACI (Newbie)




You'll have to bear with me because im new to this.

I recently purchased a Humax F1-VACI reciever on eBay. Connected to my dual LNB setup all is well. I want to update the channel list on the receiver using the serial cable but Im having problems.

I can download the one from the receiver using Formula V2, but every Astra/Hotbird channel list I download from the internet crashes the Formula V2 when I open the file.

I also got the channel list file/ xOak from the website, but I cannot get xOak to talk to my box either.

I know my null modem lead is ok because Formula V2 works OK.

Can anyone help?
w hole

w hole

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Hello Big D

The F1 is more sensitive to having the settings correct for Uploading to the STB than for Downloading from it.

Try downloading you current set-up to a file, then just change a letter somewhere in one of the Provider Names e.g. ARD to XRD [make it a first letter as the name sare often curtailed during transmission], then try to upload this file to the STB again.

If this fails then you will need to check your 'envirionment' settings carefully to make sure you have them set for the correct version of the box and Firmware.

I am a bit rusty on this as I haven't make any changes recently, but if you come back when you have tried this and let me know the result I will do my best to advise you further.

Kind regards

W. Hole