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Hi folks,

It seems that I can't find a Humax 5400 anymore, so I need to get the next best in the market. Any ideas of what that could be, taking into account that I will have a motorized dish from next year, and I would like the embedded cam to be of an encryption type which has most of the programs in Europe (I heard that Viaccess is pretty widespread).
Also for which system are the most available hex files available?
Please help me, as I have only concentrated until now on Humax 5400, and now I only have time until tomorrow to decide on my new system that somebody will bring me from abroad.



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Bit of an open-ended question.
What's your budget? What features do you need?

Also a bit surprised to see you want this for a motorised system, since the Humax5400 would never have been my choice for that - it has no positioner (so is only suitable for driving DiSEqC motors).

If you want a really good motorised system and your budget can stand it look at one of the Echostar models. A Digital only model like the d2510ip, or a digital+analogue such as ad3000ip/ad3000ipva. Check out their website:

If you're prepared to wait about a month, the DVR5000 and 7000 hit the market too... with built-in harddisks, MP3-player and completely revamped software (but a price-tag of about GBP 850 according to current Echostar thinking)



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Don't personally know the Echostars mentioned by 2old, but another nice piece of kit is the Force 1122 which has embedded Viaccess and soon also embedded Conax (update downloaded via satellite free of charge)

3 SCART connectors and 2 aditional slots for CAMs.

Price around DM 700 (

Tests can be found in

Disadvantage: No digital sound out like the Humax.



Thx for your quick replies, I appreciate it.
The truth is, I didn't realise how little I knew (know) about digital satellite. This whole digitalo-mania started beginning of August, when I decided to upgrade my analog system. Before 2old mentioned it in this prev. post, I didn't even know that I needed a different type of receiver (thx 2old). I simply followed the crowd when looking for a Humax, since 80% of the ppl in the various forums are talking only about this. It's true though, somebody did mention at some point that the Humax wouldn't even be so popular if it weren't for it's hardware bug which is widely exploited now.
I will look into both your options and will see which is better to purchase. I also understand that these are a little bit more expensive than the 'static' receivers, but I think it is worth investing in these if I want to have a motorized dish next year.

Thx again for your kind help,



"Force 1122 which has
embedded Viaccess and soon also embedded Conax (update
downloaded via satellite free of charge)"

well that sound good to bad that they havent released the hack for conax then i would get this stuff faster than anything :D