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Chris in Crete

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Sorry to bother you but can anyone help. We recently moved to Crete and have just had Sky installed. We have a 1.8 dish, 0.6 LNB, and a panasonic TU-DSB50 receiver. Our problem is we only receive limited channels. We pay sky for the full package i.e. sky sports and movies, but only receive sky movies 7 and sky movies 9. Also don't receive sky sports extra, and also do not receive BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and quite a few other channels. Can anyone suggest what the problem could be. We do not know alot about this so could you put it in laymens terms. Many thanks


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Your dish is nowhere near big enough for the channels broadcasting off the Astra 2D satellite (BBC ITV) for starters. This bird has a very restricted coverage compared to the others. You are probably looking at a minimum 3.5m dish to get 2D in Crete.

Have a poke around h**p://www.astra2d.co.uk for more details.

Edit - got web address wrong!


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3.5m ? The smallest dish i remember that gets the BBCs only (no idea if all day) is 4.5m in Rethymno. The situation in Crete is very difficult. From http://www.msg-shop.gr/ i also know that they installed some huge dishes for 2D around the island but somewhere a 5m could get full 2D, whereas not far away a 6m could not.

Maybe anybody knows more ?

The North beams of 2A should also be quite difficult but not so much than 2D. Could be that a 3m or even a 2.40m will get them all 24/7.
So i'm afraid, a 1.80m is the absolutely minimum and as you see even below the limit for Sky reception there.

Greetings to Kriti :)
Chris - Stuttgart/Germany