CI Plus a new standart,that no one ,realy needs..!



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today i found a intresting interview,and translate it into english,all infromation about the upcoming ci plus standart, inside the story..

I Plus brings to viewers only disadvantages
- Some operators want to introduce new common interface standard - Chaos
is inevitable
- CI Plus proscriptive viewers - TV stations to determine what future, how long
can be recorded
- Premium pay-TV would also work with the established standard 1.0-CI
Unterbergen, 23 December 2008
- For over 10 years to operate the pay-TV provider in the
Germany foreclosure and force the viewers proprietary receiver on the
are not compatible with the competing programs. Only thus created so no competition
can. In digital television could be so simple: The audience buys
a receiver or digital television with universal interface (Common Interface) and
then puts the pay-TV subscription-a module of the desired channel. But this is officially
from the major suppliers such as P ***** re, Cable Germany, Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg,
Unity Media and Tele Columbus blocked.
Not even the possible new standard CI will increase, which some market participants thought
have not change much. These are the reasons why viewers reject CI Plus

Even recent CI receiver and CI Digital televisions are not upgradable! A CI
Plus module while outwardly looks like a conventional CI 1.0 module, it works
However, only in a fully digital receiver or digital television, the additional
Hardware (in particular copy protection and rights management functionality) integrated
has. The millions of units sold, CI can definitely NOT for the
possible CI-Plus standard will be made fit, but would almost electronic.

CI Plus receiver can subsequently be blocked using a TV signal: A CI
Plus when you plug module examines whether it is in a CI Plus-compatible and up to date as
"is safe" rated receiver. Only then can the CI Plus mode is activated.
If it is plugged into a conventional CI 1.0 device, so it is up to how
a conventional CI 1.0 module. The consumer can not assume, however,
that his dearly-bought CI Plus device permanently in the CI-Plus can work mode! The
CI Plus specification requires that the TV signal on a regular basis revocation lists ( "revocation

list ") are also provided with which the CI Plus functionality over the television
Signal can be disabled.
Would be a pay-TV channels to the view that CI Plus receiver of the manufacturer may
would be manipulated, it could all of the outstanding examples of this
Manufacturer or the model number for pay-TV reception set aside. For the viewers
would be an "expropriation in your own living room."
Example from the past: Just because many consumers prefer their d-box2 Receiver
with a free Linux operating system, would have ***** P re - if it was then already
CI Plus would have been - all the other d-box2 devices on which the official yet
Betanova middleware runs off for the pay-TV reception can be. The outcry
in the population would have been great! Who pays the consumer for damages?

Total Control 1 (content control): The flow of the decoded TV signal from the module
In the receiver will continue to be held in CI Plus encrypted. In German: In
Plus a CI module will decode the encryption of the transmission path (at P ***** re
This would, for example Nagravision and NDS). Subsequently, the signal is again
Key encrypted with a Content Control passed to the receiver, which then
the TV signal finally decoded.
This is theoretically possible, in practice, but never practiced the possibility
Prevent depart mature content to the CI interface. This, however, fills only one
a thousand holes in the existing DVB-Sendenorm. Who content
wants to tap, will make in the future. Even licensed digital channels continue to
manipulated. It is parallel to CI plus world continue receivers and modules
type (eg from abroad), which is not to the wishes of the copyright holder
will hold.

Total Control 2 (Content Security): The TV stations want to continue on the CI Plus
Can determine the type of use ( "content usage rules). TV stations such as RTL or Pro
Seven would be able to impose their audience, whether and if so how long the content
may be privately recorded. The CI Plus specification here provides for the analog
Signal outputs the activation of a copy protection signal before (Analogue Protection
System, or APS). For receivers with integrated hard drive, the TV stations should
has total control over the type of record. RTL and Co. could be so
to determine that it can be recorded, for example, feature film XY only for about 2 hours (for
As for a pure time-shifting = Time Shift), then the host would
invalid and the device automatically deleted. Also would be possible to

ABC series that only 1 weeks is valid on the hard disk. Those who follow this later
want to watch, this could only be charged in the video portal of the respective channel
. catch up on The spectator would thus lose its sovereignty over his tape recorder.

Fast forward to commercial breaks blocked: Even when playing back recorded
TV station broadcasts to the viewers through CI Plus Specification
certain provisions to provide. For example, private broadcasters could signal that
Skipping advertising breaks within films NOT recorded, but only in
Original speed can be played. This is known, for example
of the copyright notices at the beginning of each DVD. Again, this can not be skipped

Therefore, CI Plus brings nothing at all
Assuming producers are now built into all their digital receivers CI Plus
the pay-TV operators would officially support CI Plus, CI Plus modules and allow
suitable smart cards offer. Then there would still receive the following scenarios in the
a) Pay-TV households with proprietary receivers
This would free TV and pay-TV received as yet. The pay-TV operator, has here
Access to the receiver and can also carry out forced update if needed (most recently by
P ***** re in the summer as part of the CA Exchange Nagravision NDS some
Model series) performed.
The audience is restricted in certain areas, it can be for example, the
Not any sort channels in order (eg P ***** re-cable or Germany -
Receiver). Other pay-TV services with these devices can often not subscribed
will. With proprietary receivers of market / household is closed to the competition
b) Pay-TV households with TVs and CI CI Plus Plus module
The viewer can similar to a proprietary Pay-TV receiver, all pay deals
. Subscribe Industry experts confirm that CI-plus devices on the market is only one
Segment will take. The consumer has therefore also only a limited
Selection when purchasing equipment. In addition, he gives with the purchase of a CI device plus its sovereign
in the field of records and use of time-delayed broadcasts entirely in the
Hands of the TV stations. But he also pays more money for CI-Plus
Receiver unit, as for a conventional CI model.
These two variants would be the ideal of all CI plus supporters. But there are other
Reception scenarios:
c) 1.0 Receiver with CI Financial wants to pay-TV
(or even the grundverschlüsselten
Private channels in the cable receiving)
A CI Plus module would recognize that it's in a CI Plus receiver.
So that the functionality would be blocked, a decryption would not be possible. The Spectators
therefore differs from a CI 1.0 module in which the pay-TV smart card anyway
work. And, it can all premium pay-TV content with conventional CI devices
record received. This can be prevented by CI Plus NO. Through updates
are also future generations of smart card in recent CI 1.0 to function modules.
It is therefore exist ALWAYS A parallel market. The more the pay-TV operator in the audience
shackle by CI Plus and Co, the more viewers will be open receivers
. grow The receiver market by slipping more and more into two different
It would be better put in the PC sector as well as open interfaces to the many millions of times
have been delivered. Copy inhibits only the consumption, the best example is the
Audio download market. This only gained momentum since the supplier on the annoying copy protection
losing share, and on open standards.
MASCOM be brought within a short time in a position to plus a CI module on the market,
rejects that technology, however. "CI Plus brings to viewers only disadvantages," said

Heinz Gruber. "This is against our philosophy."

(Source: Mascom) .de

one last question,will ci +.also married each card,when the operator wants this,by a boxkey,that the card only works in the ci cam,of the operator itself?