CNBC cutting analogue hours on 19E.



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Important information for CNBC Europe viewers watching via analogue satellite in Germany

From midnight on the 28th September (02.00 CET) CNBC Europe will be changing transponders on the analogue service of CNBC Europe on the Astra satellite. This means that you will not be able to watch CNBC Europe unless you retune your satellite receiver to a new channel.

CNBC Europe will be changing channels with TV Travel Shop Deutschland, so if you can receive this service you will, on the above date, find CNBC Europe where TV Travel Shop was. If you do not have the TV Travel Shop channel currently, please see the technical details below which will help you or a satellite installer to retune and receive CNBC Europe.

Please note that the new CNBC Europe analogue service will be broadcast during the following hours - 05.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs weekdays and 05.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs weekends (all times in CET).

A full 24/7 CNBC Europe digital service is now available on the Astra satellite. This will mean that you will need a new satellite receiver and a new LNB but you will not need to change your dish. For further information please contact your local satellite installer.

Full technical details are below:

CNBC Europe Analogue Service: as of 29th September 2005
Astra 2c 19.2 East
Frequency 10.774 GHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Transponder 51
Video System Analogue PAL 1
Audio 7.02/7.20 MHz
Teletext Yes
Time of Transmissions 05:00 hrs to 20:00 Hrs weekdays & 05:00 Hrs to 14:00 Hrs weekends all times in CET.

CNBC Europe Digital 24/7 Service
Astra 1E at 19.2 East
Frequency 11.597 GHz
Polarisation Vertical
Transponder 26
Symbol Rate 22,000
InnerCoding (FEC) 5/6
PID Video 307
PID Audio 308
PID Text 43
Service Free to Air 24/7


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Thats a great pitty did i say about transponder changes last auguest i think i did