Codes starting to become like Golddust



I have a Nokia 0md1git@l box with a gold card and i enter the codes through the remote, dont know how common this is but are other people finding that the codes are becoming harder to come by, cos i certainly am!

I used to use the site but this is now turning into a members site so the fella can make some money, not been funny or owt but once hes got his members and surely he'll get 100 plus min paying £5 each,then who's to say he wont just close it down and be happy wi his £500+!

I've turned to the autoresponse emails but even some of these are starting to close down now, anyone know got any bright ideas of sites or autoresponses that they use, i'd be very grateful

Cheers Chris


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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The only think I would say in response to that Chris, all of these sites have real problems with bandwidth, once it exceeds a certain figure they have to pay more or shut down. I would have thought that for you or anyone else in a similar position, it would be worthwhile paying a small contribution which would serve to maintain a discussion forum and code page without interuption.

There is also the secondary problem with trying to run a Key site and that is fending off attempts at closure, this requires funding.



just use an auto responder

email after the 10th of the month make sure its a blank email

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