Completely Newbie: Need experts advice



[updated:LAST EDITED ON 11-Feb-02 AT 04:04 PM (GMT)]Right, im new to the satellite scene and would like all u experts to help me.

I would like advice where I can buy a DVB decorder box and dish for a good price. What I want is to buy one of the sat system so I can watch the "4000 channels" on a single goldcard (I believe this decorder would use a seca cam?) I have heard the Humax decorder is good to buy.

Basically, I will also need a complete A-Z guide on how to program the goldcard to work with the decorder/satellite system (hex files, loaders, obtaining codes, programmes etc). I have a elvis programmer and I know how to program a goldcard for !tv digi already.

If anyone can help me to suceed in my quest, I will put something in their way.

My appreciation for all your assistant in advance, thanks.

Please email me anything which can help me.

Regards TP.


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 12-Feb-02 AT 11:56 PM (GMT)]If you're looking for an integrated receiver/Decoder, you can't go far wrong with the Humax 5400irdCi with freecam software update. That system enables switching between several encryption methods when using a silver or Funcard.The silver card is the minimum spec for multi encryption access, gold card for single encryption only. The Humax is very popular and not without reason, but also has the advantage of a lot of people writing software for it.

Get yourself also a good quality steerable dish, so that you can move between different satellites, minimum size arounf 80cm, but 1/1.2 metre better.

If you buy a copy of What satellite magazine, they have loads of advertisers selling whole systems.