Conax with Starsat SRX 200CI - is it true ?? !!



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Hi ,
can anyone confirm these rumours about the latest firmware 12.61 into which HEX keys (of the format Fun 6 in 1 - the 23 kb version ) can be flashed using a program called "Dreamloader"

Apparently according to the forum on this Italian website

it provides Conax decryption as well - caqn anyone confirm - even confirm the rumours - if you can understand Italian - then have a read and do a search for terms like "12.61" "starsat" etc etc .....

by the way the above reciever is EXACTLY the same hardware as GBSAT 200CI and Jepssen 4000 and Emtech 200 CI

each of these can be flashed with same firmware 12.61 to turn it into a Starsat receiver - now the question is what extra decryption does it provide ?