confused with the 2 Matrix's - pls help!!


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Hi guys.

A few months ago, it was easy, we had Matrix Reloaded 1.060 and 1.070, and the option to get S&&A2 with a Tit card albeit blue or white.

I have just returned to the scene after my satellite equipment being out of action only to find a 1.1 version of the matrix reloaded software, BUT a new cam all together called the Matrix revolution....

can someone help, maybe by answering these questions...

1. Should i ditch the reloaded and get a revolutions...?

2. What does the revolutions do that a reloaded and a white\blue tit cant?

3. The new 1.1 firmware - can i revert back to 1.070 with laptop if i need to>

4. The 1.1 firware is it only for p0rn only, or will it get me the other ch&nn$ls like it used to?

5. If i did get the revolutions, can it be upgraded via laptop like the reloaded?

Someone please make it clear for me again.

MANY many thanks.


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Well they say that it goes back to earlier version and works with a Titanium card, but subsequent posts on another forum would indicate that a CAS is required to go back to 1.07 on some CAMs and receiver combinations, but funcards can do it with others.

polsat ou
cabo ok
serious ok
tickets ok
dont panik fullx 2 ok (wait few seconds)
conax kiosk with tit ok
NB, this is not an official version, so the normal cautions apply.