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In answer to many questions on how to connect two receivers toether:

One reciever can be connected to any other by means of a Smart Priority Switch. For example, an analogue receiver connects to a digital, or a Sky-digital to some other analogue or digital box.
Some receivers (such as the Echostar d2500) do not even require that switch - a simple cart-scart connection is sufficient.

Smart Priority Switches are usually referred to as SPS1 switches. A lot are made by the company Global Communications.

Here are a couple of links for cheap examples at UK sites

Here's a description of how it works

Here's a pictuure



Bear with me,as I am a Multisat virgin. I have just got my first multi-sat system, having had Sky Digital for some time. I know Sky is on a fairly unique encryption system so a Digibox must be used to get Sky programmes.OK, now for the clarification I need. On my new system( Echostar 2110 VIACCESS),motorised dish,universal 0.6 LNB. With the addition of an SPS-1 switch, can I connect the new Dish and receiver to receive for example Hotbird, then just move the dish to Astra to view Sky (I expect a switch may have to be thrown manually, but I can live with that)
I hope I can do this as I can then use the existing cable etc.


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Yes could do Jap, but I would advise leaving the Sky digibox on the dedicated dish so that you do not miss any upgrades. If you do not subscribe now, then it doesn't matter. You should be able to use the smart priority switch to alternate between the two receivers otherwise.