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Although this is not entirely a satellite problem it is the mainstay of my difficulty. Can you shed any light on a problem I am having connecting my Sky digital box, my video and DVD player to my TV?

I can get them to work in a fashion but not as I am sure I once had them. (I moved house recently!)

I have a Sharp 76RW-53H TV, a Sharp VC-MH&13M VCR, an Amstrad Sky box and a cheap DVD player.

They are connected as following:

TV AV1 Scart to Scart connection on DVD

TVAV2 Scart to TV Scart on Sky box

VCR Scart on Sky box to AV in/out Scart on VCR

Aerial input to VCR

RF cable from VCR to TV

This set up works in a fashion but I have to keep selecting different AV connections on the TV to watch Sky or terrestrial TV or DVD or video!! Quite frustrating.

I used to be able to use my Sky remote to select terrestrial TV channels by just pressing TV and then the channel number. If I then pressed the Sky button on the remote it would switch to Sky. When a DVD was previously inserted and played it automatically took over the TV and that was what was watched. Not any more!

Where I am going wrong?

I appreciate any help you can offer.

To recap


· Connect Audio Video connection 1 (AV1) on the TV to AV1 on the DVD player.

· Connect Audio Video connection 2 (AV2) on the TV to TV on the Satellite.

· Connect VCR on the Satellite to AV in/out on the VCR.

· Connect aerial input to the VCR.

· Connect aerial loop (RF cable) from the VCR to TV.


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Put the Sky Digibox connection to AV1, then auto switching should take place and RGB will be active, the VCR scart to VCR and the DVD scart to AV2 on the TV.