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connection sharing through aol



It is widely known that it is extremely difficult to do this through aol, but I really want to find a way to get my dreambox connected to the internet without changing provider.
My network connection basics are set up correctly, ips etc, as I can ftp settings files and commands to the dreambox, but the db can't connect to the internet from that end.

Since it's unlikely anyone has both a db and aol, I'll ask instead has anyone successfully networked two pcs so they share an aol dial-up connection?
If anyone can help, I really need to know every step of how it's done, it's frustrating me.

Like I said, my ips are all set up right, but it's just getting the aol connection to allow another device to 'toggle on'


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Windows xp

Start >> Control Panel >>> Network Connections >>> (top left) Setup a home office network.

A wizard will start...
Follow the onscreen prompts...

All done you now have ICS = Internet connection sharing...

Note : xp can take upto a min to see your connection if you boot up the DB

Hope this helps