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Hello all,
Just thought I should share my links with you. I'm sure that many of you are interested in real working Viaccess files.

I wish more people would share their good fortunes with all.
Any how..!!!

Whats cool is these files work with a normal wafer eg. 16f84 and 26lc16 no more 16c622.

There are two lots of files to try, the fisrt is

File:FichiersFullV - FEVRIER 2001 - OK.ZIP

The second is:
then click left menu softs / viaccess /fichiersok

and download the hex files

I am not responsible for what you do with these files I'm just giving you some interesting links

Let me know how you get on. It's interesting to know which recievers work

Have fun.............


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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-Feb-01 AT 09:57 PM (GMT)[/font][p]Thanks for the links... looks like the dam has burst...

I note that the Bidou board also reports these are working files.

Also Satdudes at are reporting a working Vianix file. Here's the direct link:
Ditto SatHack Ro. See:
And also to be found at Phil's Sat Files. See:
The hex is identical to that at the first of the two links in previous posting, but the bin (key) file is different...

Many messages at Sathack Roreport success with that file - tests ok on various CI receivers incl. Humax5400, Manhattan2500.
Also, significantly, on a Nokia9800S with embedded CAM.
Messages there also claim that the file released is non auto-updating.
Packages supported are described here:

Dutch boards also reporting successful tests.
That reports significantly success with the ad3000ipva (also embedded viaccess).

More links?
There's a whole host of Viaccess files at the Digital FreeSat upload site.
See here:
These include documents, a logger, a bin-editor and a working hex/bin set all of 12/feb.