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Couldn't resist it....


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....bought an Echostar freeview stb (including scart lead and RF lead) for £45. Never wanted one but thought....hey I'll be in on the launch of ITV3. What happens? Yep, ITV3, despite all it's postulating, decides at 14.30 on launch day that it will show on the Sky platform after all. Doh....:-ohmy

Anyway not too bothered the little echo is fun and I've stuck it into an area in the house where someone can watch digi stuff if I'm on 13e with my main sat system. :)

Apart from that I can watch repeats of 'Who wants to be a millionaire' on two TVs at the same time. Beat that! :rolleyes:


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Yeah but just think, you can now watch all those Champions League matches on ITV2!

Must say, that's about the only use my Nokia 221 gets... that was £120 well spent... :rolleyes: