Cricket On Terrestrial Tv

So David Morgan Thinks That Bringing Cricket To The Masses
Doesn`t Come Into It, More Of How Much He Can Swell The
Coffers Of The Ecb. The Creep Has Sold His Soul To The Highest
Time Someone With A Heart And Passion For The Game And The
People Who Love Cricket, Took Over

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It will be on terrestrial TV, but on one with the small Sky emblem in the corner

Starting next year

It is strange that a family that live a few doors down from us have a son that is rather good at playing football, and has been considered in the last three months for playing in a local club just out of the divisions.

His rise has taken ten years of hard work, moral support and financial backing by his parents, neither of which can now make it to the grounds without a lot of prior planning. In a couple of years time , if the son does well, the only way they will be able to see him play on a Saturday, is by paying for the priviledge, and from the look of their flat, I doubt very much that they can have a dish fitted.