Cure for Panasonic 30 Lockup

My Satellite Setup
2.7m diah invacom 031 quad lnb pansonic 30 and Pace 460 boxes
My Location
This started locking up with I change channels on latest software.

Ordered heatsink w/o fan (NOT NECESSARY) and panafilter from Satcure and these solved problem.

Dealing with Satcure is a hassle. The forum is useless and no substantive help is offered. They sent an email saying the panafilter was not needed with Inacom C120 and another 7 or 8 emails with similar names and expect customers to read in minute detail to get instructions on how to fit. I posted comments on their feedback and got a response saying that this was all to help customers!!

Still, the thing worked.:D :D :D