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Technomate 1500ci+ super (upstairs), Phoenix Apollo MC (downstairs) both running off a cheapo 80cm dish with a twin output monoblock 13° & 19.2°. Sky+ (downstairs) piped 'round the house.
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Just bought a Cyberhome DVR 1600 DVD recorder from Asda, did a quick review scan to see what it was like and it got a pretty poor write up!, not put off by the reviews I decided to buy one (My missus works at ASDA and we get 10% of all goods and their warranty is excellent, 1yr no quibble) paid £62 (with discount, £68.XX retail), fairly pleased (only wanted to hook up to technomate on PC desktop) it's compact, it has a tuner (box says not!), it records in both DVD-R & DVD+R (Tried both, box says just +), and have just opened it up to all regions (keypad hack), easy setup, works well..... 5 Star :), though you have to manually format a new disc and doesn't seem to have auto finalize!
Also have a funai DVD Recorder (DVD-R only) downstairs, also very good, bit better quality... auto format/finalize, cooling fan, menus etc, at Maplins for 89.99, quite a lot bigger though!