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Hi all,
was interested to read other recent thread/s about digital terrestrial in Spain rebroadcasting (at 950-1500 MHz) BBC, ITV.

An advert appeared here in Cyprus in the local newspapers announcing a similar service to open in Cyprus in the next 2-3 months. It solicits subs to send a CYP180 deposit to a UK address, to pay for set-top box and aerial and installation, balance of CYP400 to be paid on installation. The total of CYP580 equates (approx) to 1000 euros! It does not say if there would also be a monthly charge.

The advert gives a contact (mobile) phone number in the UK, but when I tried to call the number all I get is the voicemail service. I left my own number but they have not called me back.

On principle I would never part with money 'on trust', I hope no one in Cyprus is as daft as to post them a cheque for CYP180!

Does anyone know anything about the company?? It calls itself Microwave Communications in Norwich (UK).

I don't think such a service (if genuine) would get a licence in southern Cyprus and in any case they would require at least 5 terrestrial transmitters to cover the south of the Island. I suppose it is possible they might get such licences in the north of Cyprus (the occupied part, so called TRNC) and beam south, but I doubt it.

Any info would be appreciated,
Republic of Cyprus.