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in april i bought a nokia goldbox in italy and got codes on to a wafer card with a pic and eeprom. I took the box back to england and ever since the box has not worked. upon insertion of the preloaded card in to the reciever, it just says"please insert card" or crashes. The past 5 months have been awful without Italian tv and English palco films. i've heard that d+ uses different codes for the uk and italy and therefore i might need separate codes. it's also worth noting that with the provided fta card i can still get the free channels + my friends in italy are able to get get it through usual codes. SO.....

*where is there a constant reliable source of .hex and .bin codes for eeproms and pics that i can use to get d+ canal+ etc??

*why can't i get them now?

*how do i proram a gold card to do the same thing as my 2chip card?

have d+ been changing transponders etc. recently?


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Hi rmcrossman1,
It sounds like your codes are out of date...As the codes change each month
I think that unless your card has valid mk etc.. it won't be auto updating.

For info on programming gold card, search and read the posts

For links on hex files read the posts in the links forum

Tele+ is on Hot Bird at 13.0°E See http://www.lyngsat.com/hotbird.shtml

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Should try http://www.satfiles.nip.net/ for files. It is one of the best sites available.