DAEWOO dvd Recoreder setup with Sky!

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daewoo DVD recoredr
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Hi All,

RTFM does not work for this one, been over the set up several times, and nothing will make the the thing pick up the channels on AV2- which the one sky box resides on.

It will record off AV2 if you hit the record button whil watching the sky program you want to record, but that is a fat lot of good.

Grudig digi box- 2 scart
Daewoo DHR 8105S recorder- 2 scart (the is a Swiss unit)
Cable tv via an arial
Ouput to a Deawoo TV with 2 scart connections

have tried the cabling several differnt ways, but nothing seems to work. I cannot seem to find any way to set the source of the channels.

Thanks in advance for any help. It is starting to drive me a bit crazy...