Dangerous worm spreads via KaZaA



A new and highly dangerous worm by the name of Fizzer has hit the Internet. It was first detected Friday and Monday it started to spread rapidly. Fizzer is more dangerous that most worms because its malicious code includes key logging and Trojan functionality.

Fizzer can spread via email as well as over file sharing networks. To spread via KaZaA, Fizzer creates multiple copies of itself under random names, and places these files in the victim computer's dedicated KaZaA file-sharing folder. By doing so, Fizzer becomes "available" to all other network participants.

Fizzer carries a dangerous payload that can cause confidential data to be leaked from infected computers. The worm installs a keyboard-logging program that intercepts and records all keyboard strokes in a separate log file. To transmit this information, Fizzer loads a backdoor utility that allows attackers to control a computer via IRC channels.