DB 7020 - SET-UP information



My Satellite Setup
DB 7020 - 250GB HDD,
Moteck Motor (SG-2100A), 0.2 LNB,
90cm Dish
My Location
Cambridge (UK)
I've come across a (pdf) file (82 pages) summarising how to set-up the DB 7020. It is in a practical printable format, and I tought it could interest this community...

Here is an idea of the content:

Section 1 - Quick Start Guide
Section 2 - Recommended Equipment and Software
Section 3 - Using DreamUp
Section 4 - Initial Set-up
Section 5 - Configurating Your Network
Section 6 - Uploading Service Lists and Satellite Settings
Section 7 - Satellite Configuration
Section 8 - Installing Addons including the EMUs
Section 9 - EMUs and Encryption
Section 10 - Using DCC to Load Keys
Section 11 - Configuring Network Drives
Section 12 - PVR - Recording and Playback
Section 13 - Adding Services Manually
Section 14 - Using FlashWizard for Backups and Multiboot
Section 15 - Scanning Satellites
Section 16 - Primer on Skins
Section 17 - DreamNetCast Internet Radio
Section 18 - JukeBox
Section 19 - BitControl Streaming
Section 20 - Links
Addendum A - Assigning an IP Address with a Null Modem Cable

Note: They forgot to mention satellites.co.uk in the recommended links :eek:!!! How could they...

I was not entirely sure where to put this file in the forum, so please admin/moderators do not hesitate to move it to a better location (more appropriate location) if necessary!

This thread is only meant to complement the already extremely useful information found in this forum (particularly the "Idiot's Guide")!