Emmett Browns Ghost
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My Satellite Setup
IP9000HD +
TD110 Dish and TD88 Dish in Tandem
66°East to 60°West.
AZbox PrmHD + OpnbxS9HD + Skybox + DrHD F15
2x VboxII AZ-EL
2 m+ Alcoa PF + BSC421 C-Band lnbf...
+SS2/TwHnS2-3200 pci/TBS6925 pci
1.5 Fortec Star -Gbox - HtoH Ku/Ka/C
My Location
Young Johnny comes home from school with his homework project ..
" Dad can you help me with my homework ..I have to write an essay on Debt "
" Please dad ..I don't understand what debt is ?" he says
"sure" says dad..
He Points around his sons room
.."see that computer ?"
" and your new Trainers" ?
" that TV ...that Hi-Fi ...your Ipod ...your Mobile phone"
" Your Xbox ...that Camera "
..."and your new school uniform ?"
" Well it costing me a bloody fortune ...and Thats what we call debt"

" Now finish your homework and go to bed"

Later that night night Johnny is awoken by strange noises in his parents bedroom...

" I'm coming" his mum cries " I'm coming"
"Ohhhh I'm coming ..I'm coming" Shouts Dad ..

At which point Johnny kicks open the bedroom door ...

"In that case ..I'm coming as well" shouts Johnny...

"You're not leaving me here with all this F******** debt !!! "