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Decided on System sort of but?


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ok sort of decided what i want when i goto a box not a pci card but i cant seem to figure a couple of things out,,first off if i go for the technomate tm1500ci+super,,so problem is if i order an art card do i need a cam for it to fit in or does it just slot in like a normal card...also if i buy a dragon cam do i have to reprogram it per satellite(meaning if i switch to say hotbird and have been watching astra) ive decided to be honest what i want to watch is on 19e and 13e so only gonna get a dual lnb for dish...another question is can i buy somethin so i can still use ss2 card in pc and technomate from same sat??? Oh nearly forgot how easy is it to flash an image onto a technomate too??
Worth getting on to Hispasat 30 deg West for another "well known" package. Also 8 west for the MBC channels FTA.
What i am saying in the around about way is get a motor. Also the Illusion M3 will do everything that you want for only 120€ (£80).