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what's meaning "you'll definitly damage STB if you do upgrading mistake"

can you tell me what happens in these 2 situations :

1° I 've done coreect loader upgrading but during firmaware upgrading i'm doing mistake(unplugged usb when it must not,e.g.)

2°i do firmware before loader upgrading

Another situation :
i did succesfull upgrading but when using STB i notice some bugs in the new version.So i want to return older version.Before reinstate older version ,i do channel datas backup (eu-chdb.dnl) from the newer version .Are the channel datas saved in newer version workes in older version?

So my obvious question is
after trying upgrade i'm in crashed situation can i always come back to older version ?Or do i cause a hardware damage ?


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There is no generic rule of thumb as all stb's are different and the type of 'mistake' made can alter the required cure. Generally speaking, the worst case scenario is that you need to jtag the unit assuming you can get hold of a jtag file. Sometimes depending on how far through the process you were in the upgrade, just leaving the stb not plugged into the mains electricity for a day or two can do the trick.