Details on Netgem i-Player software update - 11/6/2003



Netgem have pointed out that a new software version is now available for all UK customers with a Netgem i-Player, having been released in May. The new claimed features include:

Digital TV: VCR programming, favourite channels, faster digital text, better picture and sound quality, manual scanning.
Interactive Services: ability to share an existing broadband connection; use your own ISP package to go online; use your existing email accounts; experience the new
Internet Neighbourhood.
Multimedia: view photos, play music and movies from disk-on-key devices,
support for more printers and webcams.

(For full details of upgrade features, NB, Note this is a .pdf file)
Owners will be able to update their i-Player by connecting it to a phone line and by following the instructions below. The software update process lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

If you regularly use i-Player to connect to the Internet or to read emails, the new software update should have been automatically detected.
If you press the Menu key, you should see the “Software Upgrade” item. By selecting it, i-Player will connect to the Internet and you’ll be guided through the procedure
To launch the Update process manually, go to the Internet channel (press 777, then press the BLUE key). In the “Enter your destination” field, simply type “netgem/update”, and then press the OK key.
Note: If you have never connected to the Internet with i-Player, you will first be guided through a short procedure to set up i-Player to access Interactive Services.