DIGIALITY IRCI 103 signal problem!!!!



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hello. ive been brought a digital receiver DIGIALITY IRCI 103. the receiver has a really strange problem. turns on and boots properly, shows the menu and stuff, i go to search channel menu and try to download some channels. the signal shows very good, almost full but doesnt download no channels. for example i left it to download hotbird and kept it until 100% but without any result, not even one channel. the download procedure takes quite long actually, dsnt finish in 10 seconds like it does if there is no signal. but there is full signal but no channel downloading. i dnt really know what could be wrong and dnt have a second one to compare voltages on tuner and power supply. but there are voltages coming from power supply and tuner lnb in gives 18 volt as should be and there is 32volt on a tuner pin, dnt remember which one. so i guess tuner is being supplied properly but i dnt know if there is another problem inside tuner itself. i also checked voltages on voltade regulators around tuner and i think they r right. KIA 7805A on pin 3(out) 5 volt, KA 317 pin 2(out) 18,3 volt. do you think there is something else around tuner, transistors or diods maybe that do all this damage? or maybe tuner itself? or maybe memory flash is corrupted and is not able to store new downloaded channels? i must also say that i reprogrammed this receiver from scratch with original firmware and the procedure went ok but the problem is still the same. plz help me if you can, im really confused here!!!