digiquest 8000sci+pvr



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my name is richard need some help.got a new digiquest satellite reciever
other day.which i think was brilliant till i got the thing working then cam
the problem.the box stored 32 satellite possitions which is not bad but hear
comes the big problem.cant get atlantic bird 1 and 22 west.i would like to
watch wwe wrestling from usa.but cant what do i do i have searched all
over the place for new firm ware for my box.can sombody please help me.
do you think that dream box firmware would work on my box.i have been to
the web sit astonnokia site but no luck.sombody said that there is firmware
on astonnokia site but i have not found any.any way the downloader on
astonnokia site is down.does any body think you can change firmware on
my box.you can email richard.willacy*ntlworld.com