Digital installation



I'm gonna have my first digital system delivered in two days,
(which is humax 5400, 2 lnb's, lnb's switcher, and i still have my old 80 dish on the wall)
I need your advise on will i be able to install the system myself or i'd better pay for it. I can do analog installation,
no problem, but i never had any experience with digital. Is it very different? Will i be able to do it without any special tools or i need some? Can i just align the dish by watching my TV
for a signal? This is how i did my analog install :)
An if i can, could you recomend a good (strong signal) free channel on Astra or Hot bird, by watching which i can point my dish?
May be all what i'm saying is plain stupid, but as i said, i've
never installed digital and just want to give it a try.
Thanks very much guys, all your comments are greatly appreciated!


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Jan 1, 1999
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well, a bit late probably, but...
digital receivers typically take several seconds to lock onto any digital signal they are receiving. And reception is "all or nothing" (no gradual improvement in reception as you move steadily closer to the true sat position, as is the case with analogue). These are the factors which mean lining up on a digital signal is trickier. But it's no more complex - just requires more patience (namely, waiting several seconds at each spot for a picture or signal-bar on the meter before giving up and moving the dish a fraction to the side or up/down for your next attempt).

Astra1 signals are virtually all very strong. See Lyngsat or Satcodx for transponder and beam details.