Digital Penetration



Media regulator Ofcom today published the latest research data on the digital television market.

The updates examine figures published by operators and providers, combined with Ofcom's own research on emerging trends.

Ofcom said that by March 31, 2004, digital television penetration was estimated to have increased to 53 per cent of UK households, up from 50 per cent from the previous quarter. This represents an increase of 2.8 per cent, with an additional 710, 000 households adopting digital television during the quarter, bringing the total number of households to more than 13 million (13,072,261).

A further 4 per cent of households subscribed to analogue cable during the quarter, bringing the total number of households receiving some form of multichannel television to almost 57 per cent.

British Sky Broadcasting subscriber base continued to grow, adding 66,000 subscribers to its pay-TV service over the quarter to bring the total number to almost 7 million (6,956,000).

Freeview (Digital Terrestrial Television) uptake has increased by 18.6 per cent on the previous quarter, with household numbers estimated to have grown to around 3.5 million (3,468,100).

The total number of subscribers to cable television (both digital and analogue) is estimated to have increased slightly during the quarter to around 3.3 million (3,325,275), of which digital cable now accounts for around 2.4 million (2,408,530).