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Digital plus (In Spain)


Can you help me on this following scenario?

Lets presume someone has a box for digital plus, and said person has heard that you can get a card for said box. Where would this person go to get a card and how much would it cost him/her?

And if such a card exists? what channels does it provide?

Many Thanks.
My Satellite Setup
90cm dish with a Vu Solo 2 satellite receiver
My Location
Flintshire Wales
I know of 2 companies in the U.K that sell cards for digital plus (Spain). The web addresses are www.digicams-uk.com and www.digitalsales.co.uk

The packages that are available are between £400 and £700 for a years subscription depending on what Spanish channels you want to subscribe to.

Digitalsales package is £689 and they give you the official system with the card. I am not sure if digicams include the system with the card.

If you do not get the official system with the card you will need either a cam to view these channels if your existing system does not support either S*ca 2 or nagravision depending on whether the card is programmed to receive programmes from Astra 19.2 East S*ca2 or Hispansat 30West Nagravision 2

The package works well on the Dreambox 7000s.

Talking about dish sizes you will need an 80 cm dish to receive the package
with a good signal from Astra 19.2 East. And at least a 1 Metre dish to get it with a good signal from Hispansat 30 West.

Regards Stu