Digital TV without subscription



Due in the shops imminently is the £349.99 Twin Digital TV recorder, which enables the user to tune into the 30 or so channels offered by the Freeview digital terrestrial service, while storing up to 10 hours of programmes on a 20GB hard disk.

The recorder will support daily or weekly listings when they are made available by Freeview, which, according to a company spokesperson, will be later in the year. Accessing those listings will be free, unlike sky, which currently charges sky+ owners a £10 monthly subscription to access its electronic programming guide.
The sky+ unit is also £100 cheaper at £249, and features a 40GB hard disk, which offers double the recording time of its Freeview rival.

Consumer Features

· Record programmes in digital quality without videotapes

· Watch one digital channel whilst recording another

· Pause Live TV

· 10 hours hard disk recording time

· Watch 2 separate channels on 2 separate TV’s

· Digital Teletext


· Unit size: 65mm x 270mm x 355mm

International Standards

· DVB Compliant

· Audio and Video Decoding

· MPEG 2 (MP@ML)

Hardware and Software Features

· Pace Proprietary EPG providing Now & Next, Channel Select and Set-up Menu

· Pause, Play, Stop, Record & FF/RW

· Twin tuners, demodulators and decoders

· Integrated Hard Disk Drive (20 Gbytes, ~10hrs)

· Supports over air download of new software

· Parental lock

· MHEG 5 – Content decoder

· Remodulator output (PAL-I) user programmable from UHF channel 21 to 69

· RF loopthrough

· DVB Subtitles

· OSD language selectable between English and Welsh


· 2 Scarts – TV & VCR/AUX

· Mains power

· 3 phono’s (L&R Audio and Composite Video)

· 9 way D type connector (RS232)

· S video connecter

· Optical SPDIF

· RF in

· RF out


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:rolleyes: ?

20 G bite for 10 hours recording........ bit small for the price.
they could have fitted a larger hard drive in it, for the price !
I would have got one then,
but would it still work ok with the software if you say replaced it your self for a lets-say 80 G bite ?