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Digitalbtv in United Kingdom - help?

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glasgow, scotland
I have recently attempted to install Digitalbtv (albanian system) in glasgow, scotland.
I got a company who said they knew what they were doing to install a dish aimed at 16 degrees east - Eutelsat, however out of the 24 programmed channels I only get reception on four. The dish size is 60cm, does anyone know if that might be the problem? - I asked the guy installing it and he said he had no idea (great!) but pointed out that the signal was reading as between 60 and 70% for all channels and he said that should be good enough to receive a signal. He said he just thinks they are scrambled - but I have a paid up card, and they don't appear to have any signal at all.
Can anyone advise me of what might be wrong?



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I would have thought that 60cm is far too small in Scotland, I need 80cm as a minimum down here in the South for that transponder and normally install a Raven Gemini 90cm for guaranteed reception. In fact, just going out now to look at a motorised system with a 90cm dish which is having periodic dropout problems on DigitAlb.

There is also a problem with adjacent satellite bleed over, so very accurate alignment is required.