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Hi all

I'll get straight to the point, so here's my problem:

While setting up my 3.8m Paraclipse Classic mesh dish (with chain-driven H-H motor), analog KU signals from various satellites (Hispasat to LMI) were used to ensure correct tracking of the arc.

However, the level of signal quality on my digital receiver (DY-Telecom, a.k.a. Technomate) was less than that of my "old" solid 1.8m Jonsa. i.e. Hispasat 12303's signal quality was 100%, but only got a max of 71%.

.4dB lnb was used for tracking the arc. I have changed lnbs, but that didn't help much. Then I fitted one of the lnbs to its C/KU Chaparral Corotor, with similar results.

Since it was getting late, and weather conditions were getting worse, it was decided to be left 'till it's improved. Until then, I have decided to search the net and the forums of which I'm a member, but so far nothing.

The dish is not warped (meaurements were taken), mesh is in reasonably good condition, and the manufacturer recommended focal point (136cm) was used. However, I have noticed that by reducing the focal point (lnb being pushed inward) things got "slightly" better.

I'm aware that mesh dishes do not perform (in KU) as good as solid dishes, but this is one BIG dish which is more than twice the size of my old dish.

Moreover, the results on the analog KU signals were just amazing, specifically on (I forgot the freq.) Astra 19°.

My question is: Shouldn't getting good results on analog KU signals mean also good results on digital KU signals?

BTW, I live in Amman - Jordan.