Distribution of Digital Signal to TV's

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Kind of on topic, but pls forgive if I am re-located out of this forum.

How do people distribute the sat signal around the house. I am looking to get a video sender type device, need one that can make use of AV as well as Scart scokets. Have a bedroom TV which is really quite good, but no Scart. Is there any such device that can transmit pictures one way (with the no-scart restriction for the receiving TV) and transmit satellite remote controls back the other way.

Woudl be interested to hear from people.
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tv signals around the house .....

there's (usually!) 2 main ways:

1) Videosenders. These take only SCART in/out - so you can't use the tv or video aerial socket - and re-send the SCART (cbvs pin) picture on 2.4 Ghz, range maybe 50-70m. Can be subject to local radio interference. Many have remote control signals passback, via a tiny diode you put over the infra red detect window on (whatever equipment), so you can still use the remote. Expensive, mostly only sold in transmitter/receiver pairs. Some expensive ones allow several receivers, bought separately.

For types/prices, Google "videosender".

2) coaxial distribution, via tv/video aerial sockets, for which use satellite grade cable (gives much better protection from outside interference). This method also allows remote control signals passback. Originally for Sky satellite receivers only, but can now be used on almost any tv equipment, using the "tv link plus" system. For several remote tv sets, this is easier than videosenders - it uses distribution amplifiers - but you do have to put in the cables.

(see www.tvlink.co.uk - look at "amplifiers", "link plus").

tv link equipment is made by Global, SLX do a similar compatible range of stuff (sold in Maplin). If you don't have a Sky receiver, there's a complete non-Sky kit available from www.grandata.co.uk (go catalogue, audio video accessories, 1st item that page).

There are other - some far more complicated! - possibilities, see:

www.dtg.org.uk/publications/books/home_distribution_v1-1.pdf .


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langtonbrow said:
How do people distribute the sat signal around the house. ..
You can use RF out in our Technomate receiver just set it in same channel RF-Modulator (Ch. 21- 69) and in another room put together with other TV signals. when You want use remote in another room it´s special IR sender (like IR-EGGS2) for that. But with A/V sender you can use another cable then SCART to. I have 3 receivers and use both systems because not all digisystems have RF out and for computer use S-video and special audio cable .