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Please can you help me specify a system? - I am stuck between a multi-switch and a distribution amplifier solution and am not sure which way to go!

I have a dish location with 4 cables running between it and a store cupboard (15m). I also have a mast with DVB-T, DAB and FM combined via a masthead amplified combiner onto a single cable (11m). In room locations I typically have 1 co-ax to a single gang box. In two locations I have 3 co-ax cables going to double gang boxes - we will call these the main viewing locations, only one will be used at a time.

I would like to run a simple Sky+ system which offers the ability for the Sky+ box to be situated at one of the main viewing locations and for the RF2 output to be distributed to the rest of the house allowing remote viewing and control. The rooms would have terrestrial sevices plus the Sky box.

I would also like to install extra sky (non +) boxes in other rooms without needing to remotely view or control them.

Initially I was thinking of a Global loft box with living room plates and the return for RF2 on the 3rd co-ax. For this I think I would use a quad LNB and Global Combiner and Diplexer components for IF distribution to non-viewing location rooms if other boxes are to be used. My problem here is the already combined FM,DAB,DVB signals, the need for the combiner and diplexer and the need to re-configure connection to the loftbox when things change at the room locations.

But, I am now thinking that for ease of use I would be better off using a multi-switch solution with a quattro (?) LNB and triplex plates everywhere except the main viewing locations which would use quad plates with an extra connector for the 3rd cable to be used as a return. I think this works best considering the already combined FM,DAB,DVB signals (i.e. a 5x? switch). The difficulty is that I would still like the option of a single sky+ box at the main viewing location with the ability to remotely view and control it with a TV Link device.

How would I feed the RF2 back into the system without upsetting the terrestrial signals 'already' on the system?

How would the TV Link be made to work here?

Would a multi-switch provide power to the mast head amp?

Please let me know if I have left some detail required to answer this.

Many thanks for any help you can offer.


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Go with the loftbox solution (multiswitches don't provide TVLink support), use a multiswitch for IF only and to feed the diplexed sat feeds, with the RF coming from the loftbox. Just use a triplexer to separate the terrestrial feeds for loftbox insertion.

For combining the various return Sky outputs, use the Global four way super combiner.

Multiswitches do not generally provide masthead power.